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This website serves as a resource for people to learn information about contacting the department, accessing forms such as motor vehicle crash reports, LTC/FID applications and much more!

(This account is not monitored 24/7, for emergencies, please Dial 9-1-1)



Have a question for the Cummington Police?  This page will hopefully provide you an answer to frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)


Q:  I Need To See The Police Chief About Something, What Should I Do?

A:  You can contact the Police Chief a few different ways: 

– Via Telephone:  Dial the Police Department Business Line (413.634.0056) & Leave A Message

– Via Email:


 I Need To Renew My FID/LTC, How Do I Go About Doing That?

A:  Check the Firearms Section of this page for complete information including some forms you will need to complete the renewal process.  

Q:  I Was Issued A Parking Ticket in Cummington, What Do I Do?

A:  If you were issued a parking ticket by the Cummington Police, under Article VII of the Town of Cummington Traffic Rules & Orders any violator shall pay a fee of Fifteen ($15.00) to the Town of Cummington Parking Clerk.  All payments (Check or Money Order payable to the Town of Cummington) shall be sent to the Cummington Police Department (click here for department contact information).  If you wish to appeal your violation, please contact the Cummington Police Department Business Line for further information.

Q:  I Have Been Involved In A Motor Vehicle Crash, Do I Need To Report It?

A:  YES!  If you have been involved in motor vehicle crash, you MUST stop and identify yourself to the other driver or property owner involved, NO MATTER HOW MINOR THE CRASH.  If the damage to vehicles or property involved exceeded $1,000,  if someone is injured, no matter how minor, or if one of the vehicles has fled the scene, then you MUST report it.


Q:  What Should I Do If I am Stopped By The Police?

A:  In the event that you are stopped by the police, this can be a very stressful experience, especially if its the first time.  Here are somethings to keep in mind to hopefully prepare you, should you be stopped.


One of the most important things to understand, is that more police officers are killed each year while conducting motor vehicle stops than during any other police function.  It is because of this fact, police officers are trained to approach vehicles with extreme caution.

The most common reason a police officer conducts a motor vehicle stop is for a Civil Motor Vehicle Infraction.  This means that an officer observed your vehicle breaking a minor traffic law.  Under Massachusetts General Law, there are several hundred of them.  The officer, bound by law is required to issue a citation documenting the violation(s).

Most often the officer, after observing your vehicle, be it from a stationary position or traveling in traffic will follow behind your vehicle and signal you to pull over by activating the blue emergency warning lights and/or activating the siren on the police cruiser.  Under Massachusetts General Law, you are required to pull your vehicle over to the right and stop (This also applies to any approaching emergency vehicle).  After stopping your vehicle, the officer will position his/her cruiser behind yours a short distance away.  If the stop is taking place at night, the officer will most likely activate the cruiser’s spot lights in order to better illuminate your vehicle.  This is done for officer safety reasons, not to annoy or inconvenience you.  At this point it is VERY important you stay inside your vehicle and ensure that you or your passengers DO NOT make any sudden movements.  Any type of movement may be perceived by the officer as a threat.  At this point the officer may approach your vehicle with their weapon drawn and may even order you and your passengers from the vehicle at GUN POINT.  Remember, this is a very dangerous situation for a police officer, through their training and experience, they are trained to expect and assume worst case scenarios!

The officer often times will approach the vehicle in a slow and cautious manner, usually coming to the drivers side, however the officer is not required to.  At this time the officer will most likely as you to produce your drivers license and current vehicle registration.  (Remember to familiarize yourself with the location of the vehicle registration if operating someone else’s vehicle)  Under Massachusetts General Law, you are required to carry your drivers license with you at all times and produce said documents at the request of a police officer.  Also keep in mind, the officer is NOT required to tell you why you are being stopped until he/she has identified who you are, at which time the officer MUST tell you the reason for the stop.

Please remember the officer DOES NOT create the rules, laws, speed limits or set the fines, they just simply enforce the laws/rules set fourth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  If you disagree with the citation you are issued, for whatever reason, arguing with the officer at roadside is not advisable.  All instructions are on the reverse side of the Massachusetts Uniform Citation, READ THEM CAREFULLY!.  There is process in which you can appeal the citation through the district court system.  If you are issued a citation, there will also be a pre-addressed envelope that will accompany the citation, you will need to use this when you if you have to send the citation back to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  Through the court, you will have the ability to appeal the citation and present your case.

Have Unwanted Medication?


The Cummington Police are pleased to partner with the Northwestern District Attorneys Office to bring a drug take back box to the Cummington Police Station located in the Public Safety Complex at 8 Fairgrounds Road.

This box is available to dispose of medication that is no longer needed!

You can stop during our office hours: Saturday Mornings from 8am-11am or To schedule an appointment please call 413.634.0056

Thank you to District Attorney Sullivan and his staff for making this available to our community!



If You See Something, Say Something!!


The Cummington Police and the Department of Homeland Security would like to remind everyone if you see something suspicious taking place, please report that behavior by dialing 9-1-1 to report it


Homeland Security Begins
With Hometown Security!!





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House Number Display
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Have a question for the Cummington Police?  This page will hopefully provide you an answer to frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) Click Here

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