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This website serves as a resource for people to learn information about contacting the department, accessing forms such as motor vehicle crash reports, LTC/FID applications and much more!

(This account is not monitored 24/7, for emergencies, please Dial 9-1-1)

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LTC/FID Renewal Process


Completed application packages may be submitted to the Police Department on SATURDAY MORNINGS between 8am & 11am or by appointment.   At this time fingerprints, if applicable, and pictures will be taken.



*** All applicants must disclose any appearances in court as a defendant regardless of the outcome of the case, i.e. continued, dismissed, guilty, or not guilty.  Page 2, question 10 and top of page 3 of application.


Failure to disclose the charges you appeared as a defendant can be a reason to deny the issuance of first time applicant or renewal. Honesty counts as a background check and suitability.


ALL First time License to Carry (LTC) AND applicants upgrading from a FID to a LTC Permit MUST complete either a state approved basic firearms safety course or Massachusetts Hunter’s Education Class, after September 14, 2004, pursuant to Mass. General Law Chapter 131 section 14, before receiving your LTC or FID.


Effective 1/1/2015, All renewal applicants must signed Massachusetts LTC /FID Card Affidavit regarding stolen or lost firearms. (Affidavit is attached to application)


Class A License to Carry –

Must be at least 21

Safety Class required for new applicants, active Military are exempt with Identification

A LTC Class A entitles the holder to possess a large capacity firearm (pistol or revolver), rifle or shotgun.

$ 100.00 check or money order made Payable to the Town of Cummington

Renewals over 70 are free


Class B License to Carry

No longer issued

All current ones are valid and will be expired as of Jan. 2021

Firearms Information


LTC/FID Application
Use this form to apply or renew an LTC or FID

Change of Address Form
Use this form to notify the Firearms Record Bureau your address has changed

Review Board Petition
Individuals otherwise disqualified from possessing an FID or LTC because of certian misdemeanor conviction(s) may petetion the FLRB for review


Department Members



Michael Perkins



Sharon Cunningham

Jeffrey Fish

Reserve Officer

Dennis Forgea


Official Notices

House Number Display


Displaying your house numbers properly is very important for emegency service personnel to be able to find you when you need them.  Many of the emergency personnel that may respond to your needs do not live in town and depend on being able to see your house numbers to find ...


Contact Cummington Police Department


Contact Us

Cummington Police Department is located in Cummington, MA.
You can contact us in one of several ways:

By mail:

Cummington Police Department
Post Office Box 98
Cummington, MA 01026

Station Address:

8 Fairgrounds Road
Cummington, MA 01026
(Not staffed 24hrs)

By phone:


By fax:

413-634-8001 (Secure)

Other ways to contact us

Dispatch Telephone: 413-586-1508 (24Hr)
Dispatch Fax: 413-587-5740 (Secure)